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There has never been a better experience in buying a home...

There has never been a better experience in buying a home than going through Wendy Watkins at Zephyr.  What is so awesome about writing this review is that we found her on Yelp and everything every other customer has said about her is true, including putting up with the animals!! She is brilliant when it comes to the whole explanation of the process and expectations setting for the client. She was absolutely responsive on every level and professional in her entire approach. If we had questions, she was prompt at answering and believe me, we had a lot. Also she did explain the why behind everything. Going through this process is so so stressful and she made it easier and after our 5th offer we were beyond frustrated with the entire process and I think Wendy really understood.  In addition because she has been working in this market she really set expectations about how the process could go and did not let us get too discouraged. We could tell she really cared about our situation and wanted the absolute best for us.  If you are considering purchasing a property in San Francisco I can not make another recommendation. IN addition, if you are specifically looking for places in the Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, SOMA and Mission Bay Area Wendy knows every property like the back of her hand. This is the person you should start with.

Mary Helen Donovan |

A fantastic and comprehensive service!

Wes offered us a fantastic and comprehensive service! New to the process, Wes took us through each and every step and offered clear and concise guidance all the way. We found the place we were looking for and Wes' help ensured we got everything sorted out in good time. Away from the business side, Wes was a refreshing individual to deal with, his knowledge of the city is A1, his relationship with other agents was another clear indication how highly he is thought of. All in all, a top professional and all around great human being thank you Robert & Tetyana Deeming

Robert Deeming |

Wendy is a Rockstar, Period

Wendy is a Rockstar, Period. She is one of the most professional, determined and hard working professionals I have met so far (real estate or otherwise). 

As a first time home buyer, she worked tirelessly, diligently and was extremely committed to making sure I had found the right home for me every step of the way. In one of the most competitive home buying periods in San Francisco, she was always encouraging, uplifting and supportive through every step of the process. At no point in the process did I ever feel pressured by Wendy, to the point where she would ask me to think long and hard before to committing to anything I was not certain about - at every step of the way her number one priority was making sure that I was happy and confident with the decisions I made, and she made sure that I had all the information I wanted and needed to make these decisions. I am now the proud owner of a home in San Francisco and couldn't be more happy and am grateful that I had Wendy along the journey. There are several other 5 star Agents out there on Yelp that I had tried to contact prior to making my decision on a realtor and several of them were flaky, unresponsive when I called and did not give me the feeling that they were committed to helping me; Wendy was committed from the first phone call all the way to the very end. I recommend Wendy fully and encourage any home buyers (or potentially sellers) to choose her as your Agent - you will be thankful!

Zaid Al Husseini |